milestone dan ticket

beberapa waktu yang lalu saya mencba bergabung dengan tim pengembang BlankOn Linux, setelah kebingungan ingin bergabung di bagian apa akhirnya saya bergabung di kanal #blankon @, melalui beberapa diskusi atau mungkin bisa dikatakan wawancara kecil – kecilan akhirnya disepakati untuk bergabung dalam tim jaminan kualitas.

tim ini bekerja untuk menjamin bahwa distro BlankOn dapat bekerja dengan baik diberbagai kondisi.

setelah melakukan beberapa persyaratan yang harus dilakukan akhirnya yang salah satunya adalah mengikuti milis blankon tiket, ada beberapa hal yang belum saya pahami dan sepertinya wajib saya temukan definisinya terlebih dahulu, yaitu mengenai pengertian milestone dan ticket. ada sebuah perngertian yang saya peroleh dari mengenai milestone yang isinya :

“A milestone is a scheduled event signifying the completion of a major deliverable or a set of related deliverables. A milestone has zero duration and no effort — there is no work associated with a milestone. It is a flag in the workplan to signify some other work has completed.

Usually a milestone is used as a project checkpoint to validate how the project is progressing and revalidate work. Milestones are also used as high-level snapshots for management to validate the progress of the project. In many cases there is a decision to be made at a milestone.”

sedangkan dari diperoleh beberapa pengertian sebagai berikut :

* Ticket – big tasks that can be discussed, connected to a milestone, have attachments, long description etc. For instance, we have the “Improve TinyMCE integration” ticket that we are working on. It’s a complex problem and we broke it into smaller tasks, has some screenshots attached etc. Also, “Localization” ticket. BIG task with a lot of things that need to be done before we can hit the Complete button.

* Task – small task that represent steps in execution of a bigger task – ticket, page or checklist. For instance, we have a “Fix Indent for elements that are not list items” in “Improve TinyMCE integration.” If you need a standalone task create a ticket.

* Milestone are designed to let you define phases project is going through, not just deadlines. For instance, we started working on new version few days ago and have a deadline set for a specific day in the future – it’s a period with the beginning and the end. This is how they are implemented now. We’ll see in the future how can improve them so they can be used to mark single day events like deadlines and avoid the confusion.

Tickets can be grouped by the project phase they are part of, right? Due date is OK for setting the exact date when ticket needs to be completed, but milestone lets you define what phase of projects lifecycle it belongs to. On the other hand, you can group tickets in Categories. We have Bugs, Feature Requests, Modules etc in our setup, but you can decide to use a different set based on your needs.

When I said that there is no workflow I meant that activeCollab is a set of tools that can be used in many ways. What works for us does not necessarily needs to work for you and the other way around. We have been using activeCollab for the past 3 months and we already have a workflow that works for us, but it’s still evolving. As time goes by we are learning better ways to keep things on track, organize data, our efforts etc.

I’ll be working on detailed descriptions of what activeCollab modules CAN do, but it’s up to you to decide how you will use them.”

semoga membantu


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