Ushahidi Localization

Ushahidi is a powerfull platform to build a reporting system to support local NGO spreading the local issues to the global communities. in other side so many local NGO using local support to collect data and so many people in the developing country don’t have an good english i.e Indonesia, Thailand, so it’s important to change the language inside a technology into a local language.

There is so many method to change language inside a technology, in ushahidi localization we are using transifex to translate ushahidi language into local languge such as Bahasa Indonesia and Thai language, In bahasa Indonesia the translation still on progress, but in thai language we can translate in 3 days with 6 translator. this mechanism can be simplify the translation, because the translator can be get involved from around the world as long as they have an internet connection.

you can get involved or follow our unofficial ushahidi translation project here
Happy hacking 🙂

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